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Welcome to Twinklebear’s Bearly thoughts. These consist of articles about my Soulmate Experiences with my Soulmate and Podmate, Sookybear, and about life in general. The articles appear in chronological order, the most recent toward the top. You can also access each article individually, by clicking on the “HOME—WITH LINKS” link above.


Where to begin. I like to think of myself as being open , open to different concepts, and changes, that we go through in life. There are also times that I am reflective, and look deeper into certain ideals, and theories. 

Now being such a time. I have been fortunate enough, to not just  connect with, but to become firm friends and constant companions with my “Twin Flame.” Now, a “Twin Flame” is a person or other, with who one shares the same soul with. I know deep—very spiritual, and ethereal.

The legend has it, that once one connects with their “Twin Flame”—Ascending or Ascension will start to occur. In other words, you will start to realise and know, on a deeply spiritual and “ethereal”  level, who and what you are.

The journey of “Twin Flames.”  This is not always straightforward or even easy. In fact it can be damn right tough, almost unbearable to the point of distraction. Yet once connection has been made, it is for a good reason. Or should I say “if one or both Twins” are in peril  I will come back to this very point in a moment. The perils and strange phenomenon which occur, when “Twin Flames connect.”. 

For myself personally.  I totally believe and know that my twin and I, have connected for many reasons now! Why not before? Why not years ago? We do not always have clear cut answers to this question. We just go with the flow, and accept that there are reasons for late, or only minimal contact, with our “Twin Flames”.

I will mark a few bullet points here, regarding reasons for connecting or later connection:

Often Twins are in the spiritual realm 
Ascension is not available 
One twin is in a relationship with another 
You or your Twin is in danger, or calls for your help
You are ready to ascend
The world needs your help and inspiration/love!
Timing is correct
You start seeing numbers: 11.11 or 12.12  similar. These are messages from God, that you are starting to wake up, to your true Angelic, ethereal, existence as a “Twin Flame.”  Or you are about to meet up with your “Twinflame”.

There are many more reasons for meeting with or connection with your Twin. I happen to believe connection in my case, and my “Sookybear’s” case, is the fact that we both were needing each others assistance.   In my case, it turns out that I was very sick! My “Sookybear” is my Twin Flame’s “pet name,” a name which is significant to us, or unique to him and I.  A name which I  bestowed upon him. Otherwise he is known as “Scott Genghis Wong.”

The name Genghis, is a title which is given to a “Warlord” a prestigious and deeply spiritual person, who is stronger than most.  A person who is almost “ETHEREAL” in his existence—almost a god or close to. This is a Mongolian tradition, which took place when a new “khan” was given the title, and great honour, of being given such a  high ranking. Almost like a king or a queen in other countries—or a president or world leader.

The name Genghis Khan should conjure up all sorts of images in one’s mind. Images of honour, of terror, of conqueror and lover, and so on. Yet for me, this name, this person, has always been significant, not just because of historical facts, but because this name, this title, means more than just some “Warlord” or “Mongolian” almost world dominator! The name Genghis, was the name given to My Sookybear, many years ago. Before I was even born! Amazing Fact!

I’ve had an obsession with Genghis Khan since I was a child.

I had been obsessed with Genghis Khan right from early childhood, and possibly before my birth. This is again very deep, yet totally true and accurate.  I used to buy books and stories on Genghis Khan to the point where it was noted by my mum, that this was not normal six year old or pre-six year old level reading.

I believe now that the reason why I was being taught about Genghis Khan, was in fact, to make me take note, not just of the name, but also of the events and strange coincidences that followed meeting My Sookybear. It had felt like most of my life, had been leading up to this point. The meeting of my one and only love, my “Twin Flame.”

All then started to make complete sense, and the pieces of the puzzle, slotted perfectly together. Well almost (heh)!   Well  to  quote,  “never did the course of true love run smoothly!”

There are lots of reasons why “Twin Flames” meet up. I now know my purpose and my Sookybear’s purpose was to save each other from certain peril!  We both “subconsciously” or “spiritually” or other called out….

“It’s time, now I’m ready!”

Any other time, would not have worked. You see this cord, this connection that we and my Sookybear and I share is so strong!  Not even “Death” could separate us!

We are real, yet not. Alive. Yet existing in the spiritual realms. Time, and space is irrelevant. As forever, is a long time and a day! My Sookybear!

I love you Sookybear! Podmates Twinflames 🐻 pact forever!

Who says Angels are not real? If you believe in Angels, then they shall appear only when we need them the most! 🐻❤😇
Over and out! X



A love that was formed at the beginning of time , from a sacred source of infinite love, and unconditional love. Never will you feel anything quite so powerful, or intense.
There are many signs of “Twinflame love” the first being a sense of familiarity, and warmth , to the person. Then a remarkable thing happens, you become inseparable, enchanted, totally overwhelmed, by this magnetic pull. This pull is so strong , that you feel scared, or threatened by it, and one of you ,if not both! Will want to ” Run!” It is a natural response, to something that you are in the early days of discovering. There is a kind of ” push me, pull me” feeling . The intensity is so deep , and so seemingly abnormal, to any other love felt with another.
This familiarity, is so strong, you instantly, fall into old patterns , of previous lives, and feel a deep, unconditional love, for this person. The only feeling is of home, and of a love that is imperishable! You have weathered the hands of fate, time, and now you are on the course of your final destiny . To become one soul again forever! There is a magnetic pull inside our souls , which is Ignited, when we connect with our ” Twin” , that pull is so strong, even death, cannot separate you.
In the early days, you feel totally wonderful! Yet crazy! As the love you feel is so intense , from the off . This push me ! Pull me! Eventually will either subside. Unless you have a total runner, then your separation can be longer. One thing is for certain if a true ” Twinflame” they will always, orientate , or orbit back to your life somehow.
No matter what role, they may be married, or in a relationship, or just plain scared, of how you make them feel.
Another sign of ” Twin love” is being able to look into each others eyes, and feel yourself actually remember before, it’s like looking into their soul, and feeling the past, present , and future love. Such an amazing feeling! There are many more signs, I would like to know what stage in the ” Twinflames journey” others are?




Merry Christmas! It’s what you make it , are you feeling festive yet? ” What day is it today boy? “

To quote from Charles Dickens ” a Christmas carol ” old Ebenezer Scrooge himself, non the less ” BAH HUMBUG! ” Isn’t this how most adults feel about Christmas , now we are past the 9 years old post?
Why is this? Christmas, is about of course ” LOVE! ” it is also about ” GIVING! ” Isn’t it?

So why is it so many people are so glum ? If Christmas is about those two factors, why the sad faces? Come on you lot , get festive!
It’s not hard to do ” no really it’s not! ” Let me give you a helping hand.
Number 1) you must smile
Number 2 ) pour a LARGE glass of ” mulled wine ” or similar .. this is compulsory!
Number 3) pour another and so on and so fourth …. Ha!
Number 4) put on some festive music ” jingle bells ” or any Christmassy music of your choice .
Number 5) pour another glass of ” egg Nog! ”
Number 6) sing along , whilst drinking and eating, lots of mince pies and chocolate !!
7) is there a 7 ? Oh yes, pour another glass of 🍷… Do you get the drift ?
8) think about someone, or something, that makes you happy! If possible? try and find your ” Christmas spirit ” we all have this inside , let out your ” inner child! ” Oh and you got it ” pour another glass of your favourite tipple
9) this is most important ( even if you don’t feel like it ) be KIND! Show compassion , give, give, give! This is a must!
Number 10 ) all of this wine. I am sure that I need to pour another !! Oh and don’t drink and drive! Like ever! Always be safe!

Well I am now convinced you are all singing, dancing, and snogging the neighbours ha!

I hope whatever you do for Christmas, you remember what Christmass is about, It’s not the presents, it is the presence .
It is so important to be with those you love, or at least like.
My sookybear said to me ” Twinklebear I haven’t felt festive since my kids were young ” now I thought about this , long and hard , it is not only the kid’s being young, it is about the ” spirit of Christmas” spending it with our loved ones , no matter how near or far! Even if we can’t be there, our spirits and memories can be

Hard as it may seem, think of whom you would like with you, hold that thought ” smile” raise your glass , and make a toast to
” Christmas past and Christmas present ” the power of thought is very strong. This my sookybear and I know, oh too well, we call it ACC , you all might call it ” ESP” this phenomena is where we think, or feel , or say , the exact same thing, at exactly the same time . So I guess what I am saying is; no matter where our loved ones are , near, or far, or even in ” Heaven” think of them, and they ( you never know ) will think of you.

So now we know a bit about two kinds of ” Christmas spirit ” please , be happy! Be merry! Be bright! Have an absolutely fabulous Christmas! Smile, love, laugh, be joyous! Be thankful for that you have , not for what you want! Always live for your need, that way ” you won’t ever want again!,”

I would like to wish my sookybear, my Twinflame, the love of my life . The most wonderful, happy, loving, missing you , loving you! Needing you , # ” all I need for Christmas is you! ” A very merry Christmas! I love you ! 121212 always and a day!
* Cheers my sookybear ” … Here’s to many more … Next year ( you never know? ) Wink!



It has been a tough few months, is to say the least. If it was not for my confidante, my soulmate, my twin flame , the love of my life—Scott “Sookybear” Genghis Wong—I don’t know where I would be.

Let me start at the beginning. It was around 6 months ago, I started to feel unwell. My periods, were all over the place. Mood swings, weight gain, lack of energy, lots of other outer stresses—which took place!

I was at the point of despair! The one and only true constant, was and is my “twin flame” soulmate, Sookybear. Sookybear and I have weathered storms for many a millennia (we were husband ad wife in past lives), this storm has turned out to be the toughest so far!

You see I went to my doctor, who told me “Oh yes, women of a certain age get these issues.” That was basically it. I went away feeling very confused, very concerned , also with no REAL answers.

Well I did not listen to the first doctor (who was a female, and seemed like she was brushing me off with quick answers) and went back to see if I could have some blood tests, or something .. just to put my mind at rest.

The following day I went to my surgery (“surgery” is another way of saying clinic in England), to give some blood. I had to request these blood tests. Bear in mind I’m not a doctor, yet I know my own body! I asked for a full hormonal check, and thyroid check.

The nurse took my bloods for analysis. One week later, my results were back. I saw a different Doctor this time, a male. He was great. He asked me how I felt, told me that my bloods were fine, and all is okay. However, this only based on the blood results from the tests they did on me originally.

Although this doctor told me my hormones and thyroid were fine, he question me further, as I feel that he knew that I really was not fine. His probing made me panic, as he talked of vaginal scans, and other ominous testing.

So I booked myself in for a private consultation with a gynecologist, trusting the better care that might be available, outside the NHS system (the socialized medicine that is government provided in England). This private gynecologist performed a “full internal”, a full examination of my inner parts. I know, not for the very lady like, but totally necessary.

On completing the examination, two polyps , were found, one being (alarmingly) irregularly shaped! This did NOT sound good! A biopsy of the irregularly shaped polyp was sent off for analysis, and the results returned in 10 days’ time. That’s when I received a telephone call from the doctor, telling me the BAD news!

I had CANCER! Believe me, when you hear that word, you automatically feel totally alone! I felt terrified, and totally isolated, like I was going to die! The following week, was filled with blood tests, MRI scans, lots of phone calls, with the private gynecologist.

The hardest things was trying to tell my family and friends what was found. One of the people I was dreading telling, was my cousin, my best friend since childhood—the person who has been with me—through “thick and thin”—was my cousin Catherine.
Also my boys, I dreaded telling them , as they would worry so much.

The other was Sookybear, my constant companion every day for the past two years, my best friend and my “twin flame soulmate.”

The hardest part through all of this, was the “not knowing” the details, of my illness. The uncertainty was terrible, as was the waiting for definitive answers.
Where is it? How bad is it? Will I live? Will I die? It is such an awful , terrifying feeling!
The MRI scan , was very thorough, whilst laying there, all strapped in, made the diagnosis of Cancer, totally sink in. It became very real! Very frightening .

The day came for me to get the results of my MRI scan. This was a long scan, taking over an hour, using a contrast dye. This dye was injected into my veins, and then the MRI done, to see exactly what we are dealing with.

I went to my appointment with two very good friends, as my soulmate Sookybear, lives all the way over in the USA, and me in England. Sookybear desperately wanted to be there with me, holding my hand , and believe me, I needed him , more than ever! In all, my Sookybear, has gotten me through all of my turmoil, helped me emotionally, and in every way possible. Without his love, help, and support I would be a “quivering wreck!” And that is no joke! I would be.

Our love is totally unique, profound, and all encompassing. We fit like “a hand in a glove” or “Siamese twins!” Always, always, Sookybear and I have total honesty and pure, loving. We are so emotional. I will say this now:

“I love my Sookybear with all of my heart and soul!”

Since he came into my life, it had made me aware, made me grow emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually. We can gaze at each other for hours on end, just to see our “twin flame connection” reflected in our eyes, as we feel we can see into each other;s inner souls while eye-gazing. We can also deeply sense our former past lives as we do this.

It is something you cannot touch–what we sense and definitively know—or try to falsify the existence of. This “knowing” only exists in true “twin flame souls” relationships. We are truly reincarnated, as the couple we were in past lives.

We do always reincarnate together, always as soul group members, or “pod mates.” Bearing this in mind—as you can imagine—we are closer than close. We always on each others minds, totally in tune to the point of saying things at exactly the same moment, always the same thing too. The love we feel is intense, and totally unconditional.

So I will wind up this article by saying, my diagnosis, was “type 1″ endometrial cancer”—which is the earliest possible stage and curable with a hysterectomy.

I am waiting for the full hysterectomy and other possible treatments, this is hopefully all that will be needed.

I do know one thing that will always be needed , and that’s my Sookybear. Always and forever! I love you eternally. I want to thank you so very much, for all of your love, support, and care. I could not do this without you! Thank you with all of my heart.

12 12 12 always.

Here’s to the rest of forever!


How to put into words, what it feels like to not only have a love, so deeply felt, but how to feel the feeling of belonging . I have found a love, so true, I could never mistake ever again, what total bliss ,this is….

If ever I feel lonely, I don’t, because I have love! If ever I feel scared, you lift my spirits up. When ever life gets stressful, you are always there , my driving  force , my everything. The love that we share, is so rare, and incomparable, to any other feeling.

How to put into words, something so rare, is hard, but here goes it. In the beginning, I imagine us , as a tiny seed, laying there just waiting to be nourished, and cared for . Then all of a sudden, there is earth , water, sunlight, air.

In these conditions everything grows , well I believe myself and my Sookybear, have these magical , components, in our little world . When I say world ,I mean universe, eternity, forever, more …….  you see we have our own little solar system , like the earth, and the planet’s do.

We like to call this ” Twinkle bear / sookybear land ” , now this might sound odd, or even weird , to some , yet there it is, our own little nook, or niche. In this  world , all is perfect! No War’s, no famine, no stress! Only love, friendship , and compassion. It is very easy for me to say now , that this true love, friendship , is so amazingly good! You see we not only love, and care for one another, we actually feel each others joy, and pain . So when anything is up with the other half , we instinctively know. This phenomenon, is new and encompassing.

What is friendship, if not built upon total love, and trust,in  the other person? To get the balance just right is so very hard to achieve. Yet, Sookybear and I, have the perfect recipe , the correct ingredients. How ? Well this FRIENDSHIP love seed, was planted , many moons ago. We are not sure of the time scale, but we know in it’s essence, it is ancient, and very spiritual, and all there ever is, or needed to be , to be fulfilled. We both say, what on earth did we do , before we found one another again? As life now, is just black and white, if we are not together. Instead of brilliant colour, we feel when together.

I would like to take this opportunity, to thank my sookybear, for always being here, through the test of time , and for all eternity. You complete me, my life,my world. I cannot think of any other place I’d rather spend eternity, than In the presence,and arms, of my soul mate . My best friend , my confidante, my love! Always and a day. I will love you . X 12


Thank you my AC Scott Genghis sookybear wong . You are my world , my universe , my everything. I love you!  Always … Twinkle bear.









What is unconditional ? Hmm, it is very hard to put your finger on. As most , if not all we do these days , has some kind of limit, or condition attached to it.

I would like to say , that marriage is unconditional, yet if you think about it , it’ s not. From the moment you say  “I do !” you are basically saying “I will be yours forever” . Now forgive me if I’m wrong , but isn’t this a condition ?

The answer of course is thus… we put conditions on  ourselves. If we allow ourselves to be conditioned, then we set the bar ! Don’t we ? Or does the partner set the rules, and regulations. I like to hope, that in this modern world we live in, all is fair in love and war! Huh… you would think so right.

Think about it, even work, has conditions, buying a car, renting a house, buying a house, having a night out ! Having a pet . All of these things we do in life , have limits, conditions. So why do we allow ourselves to be this way?  The answer is of course law and order. Religions  ? Other governing bodies. For so long now, man has been brought up , with certain conditions.

Well is it not about time we remembered unconditional love, and unconditional life styles. I for one , will give an example of pure, true ,unconditional love. This is the love between mother and child, father and child.  Well it should be !

The other kind of unconditional, is when you meet the one TRUE LOVE of your life. This we can all hope and dream of. I am not one who would normally believe in finding your one “TRUE LOVE” as to me , this did not exist. Well I was so wrong! I thought I had loved, and had felt love, you know this feeling of butterflies , in your tummy, that only happens when you’re in love. We have all felt this feeling haven’t we .

This in love feeling , is overrated, over talked of, over thought about. As for lots of people ( me included ) this feeling wears Off,  Does it not? I believed we only had that in love feeling , or butterflies, for only a short time. I really thought, and felt that love, this gushy, gooey, mushy love, never existed. It was the kind of love, that only existed, in the movies.

Well I am the first to now admit, I am, and was so wrong! It actually does exist! As I now feel it, I am totally over powered by it. This love, this feeling I thought was conditional. It actually turns out, when you meet your real, one true “soul mate” this feeling then becomes unconditional.

I am happy to say that my “Anam Cara” is real, not a movie star or in a movie script , but he is real flesh and blood ! All I can say is I do feel a total unconditional love for him and its mutual. So if you have loved, and lost! Then be happy! As this person, is not your true love after all. So keep on with life, as he or she is out there. FATE just has to be kind to you . Then and only then you will know.

I am happy to say , my sookybear  is my UNCONDITIONAL.. always and a day !

Twinkkebear signing off!  BYEEEEE


Christmas past

Well Christmas is creeping up fast ,it springs upon us without a chance. Ha! I’m a poet and I did Not know it.This time last year,I was going about my life (as per USUAL ) . “What shall I buy for my Son ? Or my sister ?or 101 people ” ?

The list of presents, and don’t dare mention the food! This in particular  is where the “minefield “begins. All in all,I happen to LOVE ,yes LOVE ,Christmas! I am no “Bah Humbug! I Actually adore,the whole process.from the glitter ,to the lights,to the fairy ,on the tree! I always have.

This time of year,has always been very magical,wonderful,and full of things I Love. let me see,the presents,the gifts,the parcels….sorry!I Meant to say ; “the joy,the carols,the children!!! “well I  Like to give gifts too!

Last Christmas,was an exception,I had the best gift EVER! 2015 was when I met my true “soul mate! “since then, We have become inseperable.We laugh, chat for hours. Even call each other “Sookybear “and I am “Twinklebear”hence my blog name.We talk for hours on end.This past year ,has been magical !

One year on and We are still very much Like “Bonny and Clyde”or “strawberries and cream “.  We compliment each other so well, being soul mates,makes us truly close,and very protective, of one another. To the point of distraction.

We Feel as though we are one. Hard to imagine, yet true. Christmas present,Christmas past. All I want for Christmas is my “Sookybear.”  Waaaa!  I could not care less what May be,as long as Christmas, is with the one I Love ! Eternally!

HAPPY CHRISTMAS! fromTwinklebear, until the next post.  Byeeeee.